She’s outrageous! She’s magnetic, awe inspiring. Lady GaGa Blue Swimsuit Adult CostumeShe rivets you to her flawless, “out of the box” performances. She knows what she wants and works like hell to get it. She’s not afraid of pushing the fashion, or socially acceptable, envelope. In fact, she revels in it.

She loves attention-getting, show-stopping, over-the-top “bizarre.” She has a bracelet that says “I’m a free bitch!” And she means it…backs it up with everything she says, does, performs, and wears.

She’s been listed in Forbes Magazine as fourth in the 100 Most Powerful and Influential Celebrities in the world and rated second most powerful musician in the world. She’s The Queen of Pop, a Glam Rock icon… She’s Lady Gaga!


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If you want to be Lady Gaga this Halloween, at a Theme Party, or just for fun…
Here’s how!

Breathe and ooze subtle “sex” while your costume shouts it!

Feel free! Lady Gaga is an Aries, she can’t help but be free. Loosen up. Get into the mind set! The lyrics in “I did it my way” describe her to a tee.

Be unpredictable. Let your imagination fly! Lady Gaga is totally unpredictable. Her fashion sense is extraordinary. She pushes the limits every chance she gets.


Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Adult Wig with Pink Highlights

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Think wigs… blonde…long, free flowing… straight with long bangs or shorter,more sophisticated, curlier with pinks.

Think heavy eye makeup, false eye lashes, lipstick in pale pink or deep plum, creative fingernails, body art (if you’re not inked there are washable tattoos), and imprinted stockings.

Think sunglasses…outrageous, oversize statements.


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Think form-fitting The only thing that drapes on Lady Gaga is her eternity scarf

Think shinythe “wet suit” look, stretch satins, patent leather, crystals, glitter, metallics: gold, silver, sequins, bling. Lady Gaga is “gaga” for shiny!

Think sexy panty hose, underwear worn as outerwear, provocative, teeter on the socially acceptable edge.

Think bold, bright colors, stark black, black and white, Zebra Mini Dress with Black Corset Beltall over white, more bling, metallics

Think platforms and stiletto heels, thigh high boots, wild, chic shoes.


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Think gloves (all kinds of gloves) fingerless, gloves with only fingers. Biker gloves, lace…

Consider a glittery prop… make your own disco stick


And think A Total Look!


Attitude? Well, you’ve got the Lady Gaga attitude or you wouldn’t be here!

You’ll find actual, licensed Lady Gaga Costumes and Outfits on this site. But if you’re looking to “do your own thing,” I’ve selected a slew of exciting Gaga-esque costume parts and pieces to assemble into your own Lady Gaga look.

Once you’ve selected your Lady Gaga wig and sunglasses, everyone will know who you are. Now, add the rest of your look to be uniquely Gaga-rageous!

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Read Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame by Emily Herbert to learn more about the person.